Common Code Snippets

Calculate a price

Calculating a price is pretty easy if you use our internal price api.

import io.defitrack.price.PriceResource

private val priceResource: PriceResource

val price: Double = priceResource.calculatePrice(

Fetch an ABI

You can use the abiResource to fetch an ABI. This will get the ABI straight from our abi rest api.

import io.defitrack.abi.ABIResource

private val abiResource: ABIResource

val abi: String = abiResource.getABI("aave/LendingPoolAddressesProvider.json")

Fetch Token Information

Fetching token information can be done using the erc20Resource. The result of this call will be of type TokenInformation.

import io.defitrack.token.ERC20Resource

private val erc20Resource: ERC20Resource

val tokenInfo: TokenInformation = erC20Resource.getTokenInformation(Network.ETHEREUM, "0x2d94aa3e47d9d5024503ca8491fce9a2fb4da198")

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